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Non-Profit Business Consulting

Non-Profit Business Consulting

Non Profit Business consulting

We offer a range of legal services, including Non-Profit Business Consulting

The Law Office of Mark Upright, located in Asheville, NC, offers a range of legal services, including Non-Profit Business Consulting. With over 17 years of experience in the management of Non-Profit Organizations, Mark Upright brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to this area. His roles have included Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, In-House Counsel, and Chief Executive Officer of some of the most innovative Non-Profits on the East Coast.

An Overview of Non-Profit Business Consulting in North Carolina

Mark Upright’s extensive experience in the non-profit sector equips him with a unique understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by these organizations. His background in various executive roles allows him to offer practical, strategic advice tailored to the specific needs of non-profit entities.

Mark has a high level of expertise in the areas of:

* Formation of 501(c)(3)

* Articles of Incorporation and ByLaws

* Tax Issues and Compliance

* Contracts

* Mergers and Acquisitions

* Operational Issues

* Risk Management

* Human Resources

* Banking

* Insurance Disputes

* Cost Allocations

* Establishing Mission and Core Values

* Built to Last Training

We offer Customized Solutions

Understanding that each non-profit has its unique set of challenges, Mark Upright offers customized solutions that address the specific needs of each organization. Whether it’s navigating complex legal issues or developing effective operational strategies, his approach is always tailored to the client’s specific context.

Mark Upright’s commitment to the non-profit sector is evident in his dedication to helping organizations achieve their mission. His consulting services are designed to empower non-profits to make a more significant impact in their respective fields.

Why Choose The Law Office of Mark Upright for Non-Profit Consulting?

Decades of hands-on experience in non-profit management and legal counsel.

A comprehensive approach that covers legal, operational, financial, and strategic aspects.

Services tailored to meet the unique needs and challenges of each non-profit organization.

A dedication to delivering high-quality advice and support to ensure the success and sustainability of non-profit entities.

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For non-profit organizations seeking expert guidance and support, The Law Office of Mark Upright offers a valuable resource. With a deep understanding of the non-profit landscape and a commitment to helping organizations thrive, Mark Upright is well-equipped to assist non-profits in navigating their unique challenges and achieving their goals.

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