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Mark has been a professional from beginning to end. We are extremely satisfied in his representation on a child custody case. He’s also doesn’t charge an arm and leg for his services. Hopefully we won’t need an attorney again but if we do it will be Mr Upright.
Mark Upright helped me to secure regular time with my daughter! Mark was engaging and supportive and made sure to address my needs and concerns as a father. Thank you Mark Upright.
I recently found myself looking for a divorce attorney, but every attorney I contacted refused to speak with me, even on the phone, for no less than $300.00. I had been thrown out of my home, and found myself with no money. Mark Upright contacted me, and spoke with me several times, and explained how things are done when filing for a divorce, without charging me a fee. He was willing to work with me on his fees, and I immediately knew that I finally had someone on my side. He answered my calls whenever I was concerned about anything. He conducted himself very professionally and when we appeared for mediation, he remembered every detail of my situation, and relayed it very professionally for me. The outcome was better than what I imagined, and played out exactly as he said it would. He was very experienced, very compassionate, and very calm throughout the entire process. I would say to anyone, “He is a professional and if you have Mark Upright as your attorney, you’ve already won!”
Mark has been a huge help and has made the impossible possible for me, I would recommend him to anyone seeking a family court lawyer without hesitation.
Mark was sincere and helpful during a very rough time in my life. I had a nasty custody battle for a year with court being prolonged several times thanks to covid and other matters, despite that and the heartache I went through Mark always gave me confidence and did so with honesty and sincerity. I definitely recommend him. He helped me fight and get what I asked for and deserved. He is not all about the money like some attorneys, he cares more about you and your case then your money. I appreciate and respect the way he practices law. Thank you Mark!
Mark is a great attorney. I would recommend him. And please remember that court cases take time. If you want good representation ( like mark offers) then it's not going to be over in the snap of a finger.
Mark is some times a little hard to get a hold of but has many people he is tending to right now. It may take him some time to get results but Ultimately he makes them happen. He has a positive attitude and takes times to listen to all comments and concerns. I would strongly recommend mark to anyone dealing with a family court issue.
I so Recommend Attorney Mark Upright! I had a dark cloud hanging Over me since my Ex-husband left... The Divorce.. and no payment from Him for almost 10 years on a House we bought together. I did not know North Carolina laws on division of Property. I thought since He'd made no payments in all those years... And I could not afford an Attorney to Address this... If something happened to me ... Our Daughter would inherit my half of the house and property...Not True!!!! North Carolina has a ' Tenants in Common Law' . That means if Your Property is not divided at the time of Your Divorce by a JUDGE! You could lose everything should something happens and Your Child/ Children .. You're x spouse can swoop in... Take and sell Everything! Lots of Parents like me .. Want to Keep their house and the home their kid / kids going to same school.. Etc ... It took me being served with paperwork by my ex from a Lawyer His mom paid that made me have to reach out... That's when I found Attorney Mark Upright!! He's the best!!! He's has Very reasonable Fees Compassion and I was able to keep My house in my name Only . To leave to my Daughter. I have so Much Piece of of Mind! If You need this kind of Help.. You will to. ☺️
I retained Mr. Upright for a family law matter. Mr. Upright was very professional and guided me the entire way and advised me every step. With all odds against me Mr. Upright prevailed on the court date and we got the outcome needed. I would highly recommend him.
His one of the best lawyers very nice and he help me a lot we need more people like mark that love to help out people , again mark thank you.
The hardest thing I have ever had to endure was going through my divorce. Mark Upright was there to help from beginning to end. He was my lawyer and my friend. He was very knowledgeable and professional, and anyone who has Mark Upright on their side, has won already.
Mark was great helping my grandson. They hit it off from the start! He was very patient and explained everything and answered all our questions, keeping us both informed every step of the way.
Mark Upright puts children first in all the work that he does. He is the only professional in the family court system that consistently asked, "What is in the best interest of the child?" If you need a parenting coordinator, my heart goes out to you, because that means you are in a terrible co-parent situation. Mark Upright will do everything he can to settle disputes fairly. He will talk to both sides and gather all the needed information in an ethical and just way. Mark Upright is understanding of the financial burden of Family Court and is fair in the fees he charges. He tries to keep things out of court by settling disputes in a timely matter. He is available when a crisis arrises. Mark Upright was removed from my case against my will. His position was reassigned by the court. Since his removal, my family has experience emotional, physical, and financial abuse. My children are suffering. My family would have been much better off under Mark Upright's continued authority as our Parenting Coordinator.
Mark Upright is a man after God's own heart. The compassion he shows for the care of children is phenomenal. He succeeds in having both parents raise their children even if they can't stay together in their marriage. I highly recommend him to anyone going through the pangs of separation and divorce.
He’s a great lawyer. He did exactly what he said he would do. I would advise you if you need a lawyer Mark Upright is the guy you want on your side.
Questions always answered with great legal advice. Was kind and caring person who kept everything professional. Great negotiator, great listener, had alot of experience with law and civil cases. Was a great parent mediator and got me and my wife through tough times. Phone calls were always returned and text messages were always answered. Great peace maker negotiator with helping with parenting plans. Great at preparing and drafting proposed orders. Always on your side through tough times. Great experience and law firm. I recommend Mark Upright.
Mr. Upright assisted me with some estate planning and was extremely helpful during a stressful situation. He was very professional and efficient and yes, I would recommend Mark and should I need an attorney in the future, I plan on giving him a call.
Mark did such a good job helping my husband. He is very hands on always available to talk to and friendly. He knows what he is talking about and great advice!
Mark is an excellent attorney!I have used Mark several times and I refer anyone needing legal services to him ! Mark is honest , a great listener ,very reliable and provides high quality legal services to his clients !
His a good lawyer and a friend I do recommend him help me a lot and I thank god that there’s someone like him a good person.
Very prompt in responding to clients. Professional, kind, and gave great insight to my situation with his complementary consultation.
Mark represented me in the Child Custody Case Mark was very helpful.

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